Sophia Bush, Austin Nichols

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

What's the key to a successful relationship in Hollywood?

A.T. fave couple Austin Nichols and Sophia Bush seem to go with the motto: A couple that hikes together, stays together. But Bush told us it's simply because they stay out of the gossip rags.

"I'm not interested in pursing that life, at all," she 'fessed recently. "We're not hunting for that sort of attention."

"It's just not where my focus is," Sophia told us and, hell, we believe the gal.

"I spend my days working and raising money for the gulf and the environment and volunteering for Global Green. I'm not dancing on a table on a Friday night, every Friday night at a crazy nightclub."

True. We've seen S. and A. down in the gulf with Global Green CEO Matt Peterson, but it seems like they make quite the conscious effort to not be caught at any trendy spots together.

"Not to knock it, I go out with my friends every once in a while, sure, but we go to dive bars where nobody knows us."

Certainly nothing wrong with that, it works pretty well for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

Still, we will give Bush and Nichols props. They've definitely lasted longer than we initially gave them credit for. Maybe that BFF vibe we get whenever the two are around each other is another secret to success, right, S.?

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