Hilary Duff, Mike Comrie

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Is the honeymoon over for Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie?

Although the couple has only been married for six weeks, they are already spending time apart.

No, the newlyweds haven't split up...

With the hockey season gearing up, Comrie has left the West Coast for Pittsburgh to practice with his team, the Penguins.

"He left too soon," Duff tells us. "Now he's gone and I'm alone and it's like, 'What? I'm alone? Why am I alone right now, I'm a newlywed!'"

Duff isn't worried about the long distance though, saying, "We're so used to traveling and being apart and making it work long distance that I'm not worried about it at all."

The former Disney starlet is equally busy with an upcoming guest spot on NBC's Community and a book tour for her first novel, Elixir, in stores next month.

"I'm going to fly to Pittsburgh for [Comrie's] first game and then I'm going to New York to start the tour," Duff says. "I think we're going to eight or nine cities in two weeks, which is hard. Then I'm going to come home and start writing the follow up book right away so I'll be busy for the next couple months."

As for those who may question Duff getting hitched at just 22 years old, she explains she's much more mature than many people may think.

"I feel like I experienced things a lot faster than most people did," she explained. "I feel like one of those flip books where you're watching the images go by really, really fast. And that's what happened to me. I traveled around the world four times before I was 20."

"And then I found the person that I felt like I couldn't live if I couldn't talk to that person every day or see that person every day," she continued. "So it just felt like the right time to take that step and get married."

We have a feeling there's gonna be a lotta Skyping between these newlyweds.

—Reporting by Megan Masters

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