Lindsay Lohan

David Tonnessen,

Lindsay Lohan is trying to get clean. Again.

Four days after getting sprung from jail, the actress today entered a live-in drug treatment facility in Southern California, sources confirm to E! News. This is her fifth go-round in drug treatment.

It is not immediately known where she is rehabbing, but sources told us over the weekend that the famed Betty Ford Center near Palm Springs was a prime option.

Lohan, 24, has admitted to failing a drug test and could face more jail time at an Oct. 22 probation-violation hearing. She's expected to remain in rehab until then.

And, according to dad Michael Lohan, the Britney Spears Experience could be awaiting her when she checks out.

Michael tells E! News that Lohan's mom Dina and manager Lou Taylor are looking to establish a conservatorship, presumably to take charge of the actress' finances and health care for an indefinite period of time.

Neither Dina nor Lohan's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, have responded to a request for comment.

But while Britney was declared unfit to manage her affairs when her dad was handed the keys to the kingdom back in 2008, Lindsay has recently attested to being of "sound mind."

The part-time clothing and accessories designer stated that she was mentally sound in a signed declaration dated Sept. 23 and filed in a Florida court in response to a lawsuit accusing her of ripping off the secret recipe for her Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist.

According to Marcia S. Cohen, attorney for plaintiff White Wave International Labs, Lohan is trying to distance herself from the actual formulation of the spray-tan product.

She "is now claiming that she had no involvement in the creation of the formula for the Sevin Nyne product, but the Sephora website said that she and [codefendant] Lorit Simon 'worked together to make a luxurious tanning mist,'" Cohen tells E! News.

Also, Cohen says, the Sevin Nyne press release announcing the product hailed it as being "co-owned and co-developed" by Lohan.

Well, at least distancing oneself from a civil lawsuit does indeed seem like something someone "of sound mind" would want to do.

(Originally published Sept. 28, 2010, at 1:56 p.m. PT)

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