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Dear Ted:
Ugh! I'm a Twilight fan and even I'm getting sick of hearing about them 24/7. We're going to be waiting over a year for the next one, so maybe we should slow down on how much we discuss them. Face it, Ted. Twilight mania has died down. Harry Potter mania, however, is in full swing. How about we talk about them for a while. Any of them ever been a B.V? I have a feeling Emma Watson might have few tricks up her sleeve?

Dear Potterhead:
Hey, much love for Harry Potter kids but you're missing one important thing—they are pretty friggin' boring when it comes to their behind-the-scenes dalliances. Especially when compared to the bisexual escapades going down on our favorite vampire set. The H.P. kids for one aren't hooking up with each other so that cuts a lot of gossiping corners. And for the record, no, Emma has not been a BV.

Dear Ted:
Why do you dislike Taylor Lautner so much? Kristen Stewart seems to like him just fine and she is pretty famous for her no B.S. meter reader with people. I don't think she would put their friendship "out there" if it wasn't authentic. So give us a list of reasons or lay off the kid. Come on, Ted, isn't there enough room in your heart for Rob, Kristen, and Taylor?

Dear Too Perfect:
Hate is way too strong, W. I adore Tay, but he just seems like he's molding into the perfect PR mouthpiece. I feel like the Lautner you see isn't the real Lautner you get. Actually, I know that! And I'd like to get to know the guy behind the perfectly chiseled abs and smile.

Dear Ted:
You said in a Bitch-Back! that my personal favorites, David Beckham and Ashton Kutcher, have been Blind Vices, but a long time ago. Does that mean that they are no longer participating in said Vices?

Dear Bad Boy Syndrome:
That would be a big no, Andie. Just because I haven't reported about them in a while doesn't mean said Vices don't exist. But I'll tell ya one thing, you may be off when trying to figure out their BV's.

Dear Ted:
I know it would probably be a faux pas to tattle on your fellow E! buddies, but any dirt on Joel McHale? He seems like an awesome guy (and from my hometown Seattle!) and I'm curious if I'm right.

Dear Bingo:
Right on the money babe! Joel's as hilarious and down to Earth in real life as he seems on the boob tube. And no, I'm not just saying that because he's E! blood. If I thought otherwise I just wouldn't have answered your question.

Dear Ted:
So I've been reading that there are more reports of Lea Michele's diva attitude on the set of Glee. I'm not at all surprised but I just wanted to know if her awful behavior stopped you from watching the show? I watched an episode and I have to say Jane Lynch is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I honestly don't like the how, with the exception of when Jane is on. What are your thoughts of it? Is Jane Lynch a BV?

Dear Sing For Your Goss:
There's big difference between awful behavior and diva behavior. Lea is a normal actress by Hollywood standards with her 'tude, my whole point is that she's not famous enough to pull some of the stunts she has. Girlfriend is no Jennifer Lopez yet! Jane definitely carries the show in my opinion, but honestly, I'm way more interested in the behind the scenes dirt than what's sweetly being portrayed on Fox.

Dear Ted:
Do Judas Jack Off and Dashed Dingle Dream spend much time with their beards?

Dear Cover Up:
Not as much time as you'd think.

Dear Ted:
I met Kirsten Dunst today. She seemed very sweet, unassuming, and overall, was someone I think I'd like to know! Of course, I only got a few minutes with her. I've heard plenty of rumors, but I don't know what to believe! What's your take? Sweet gal just trying to live her life, trainwreck, or should we be expecting a comeback?

Dear Vintaged Vice:
The fact that Ki-Ki is strutting her stuff on carpets and not at clubs makes me think this babe could have a big comeback. Sure, she's had her dark Hollywood moments, but hell, who hasn't? Let's hope Jake Gyllenhaal's ex-GF stays on her current path.

Dear Ted:
First of all, love you and your column. Secondly, my rescue kitty Isis is dying to know about Ryan Phillippe. She just adores him! What's been up with him recently? Besides the bomb that was MacGruber, is he coming out with anything new? Any good dish on the love life? How's his relationship with the kids? Isis and I send lots of love to you and yours! Thanks!

Dear Cruel Intentions:
You must have a party kitty on your hands. Actually tho, Ry's been mostly in daddy mode recently, especially with Reese off filming. He has a few flicks on his radar, but the guy's staying out of the limelight (and H'Wood clubs) right now, which is a pretty smart move.

Dear Ted:
Does Anna Kendrick have her own Blind Vice?

Dear Kendrick vs. Vice Archive:
I would say no.

Dear Ted:
I always thought Demi and Ashton seemed pretty solid. In light of all the recent cheating allegations, I'm not so sure anymore. What's your take on the sitch?

Dear Tablies?:
Don't believe everything you read, Deb. While I think the truth lies somewhere between the tabloids and twit-pics, D. and A. are still pretty solid. Don't expect them to split anytime soon.

Dear Ted:
Is Cass Stimulatia Paris Hilton? Such a rich families concern for their spoiled offspring's who were raised to get married, host dinner parties and charity events.

Dear S--t Don't Stink:
Nope, Pare-poo has already been a Vice a while back.

Dear Ted:
With the filming of Breaking Dawn coming up, I've started thinking about how the Twi gang is going to be together again. I'm sure in some ways it's going be like a family reunion for them. We all know about the Robsten's rendezvous, Ashley's...men, and Kellan's rescued doggies, but do those guys ever hang out together? They don't seem to swim in the same circles and I'm curious as to why.

Dear Hollywood High:
Think of T-Town like one giant high school. There are different cliques. 'Tho the Twilight cast does get along (especially compared to most Hollywood sets), that doesn't mean that outside of work their personalities totally mesh. You've got the jock, the pretty one, the rebel, the backstabber, the sexually confused one, the oddball, the musician...I could go on and on B. See my point? And you wonder why there's so much drama behind the scenes.

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