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Sarah Palin stopped by Dancing With the Stars last night to give her "expert ballroom commentary" that everyone and everything was "amazing."

But did she not receive the same amazing love in return from the audience?

"There's booing in the ballroom," host Brooke Burke said right before Palin appeared on the live show. "We don't know why." Well, we do...

"The booing heard was a direct response from the audience to Jennifer [Grey] and Derek [Hough]'s scores which were perceived as relatively low for a dance that received a standing ovation," DWTS executive producer Conrad Green tells us.

Whatever the reason, even Sarah herself looked a bit stunned when the camera turned to her and the booing could be heard in the background. So will the Alaskan politician brave the fiesty crowd and come back to visit DWTS again? We spoke to Bristol Palin after the show, and she told us of Mommy Cheerest: "Hopefully she'll be able to make it, [but] who knows if it will be next week or whenever, I'm just happy she was able to see one of them."

And though some might argue that the elder Palin's visit was a bit of a distraction from the dancers, Bristol insists "it was comforting" having her mom there. "I was excited she was here and able to cheer us on," she said.

There is one family member Bristol is counting on for support week-to-week—and he's still in diapers! "Tripp watches [DWTS] and he claps and cheers," Bristol told us. "I don't know if he can tell it's me but he likes the dancing."

Elsewhere on the dance floor, the contestants are upping the ante by making some big promises.

"We want people to get excited," Disney cutie Kyle Massey told us alongside partner Lacey Schwimmer. "We don't want to do the same ol', same ol', we want to do something different. And if you vote Team Smurgles, that's our team, and if we win, everyone in the audience is getting free pizza, including the judges—if they give us a good scores. If you give us a low score you get thin crust." See? Incentive.

Audrina Patridge's partner Tony Dovolani confirmed he's serious that he'll wax his legs if they receive three 8s from the judges.

"Everyone will get to see it!" laughed Audrina, before turning to Tony and saying, "Don't worry, I'll hold your hand."

Be sure to head back to Watch With Kristin tonight for more DWTS coverage. Boos or no boos (what about booze?), there's sure to be drama at the results show tonight.


See some of last night's performances again before tuning into tonight's results show. Who do you think is going home? Vote now!

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