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Sexy animal lover Sophia Bush showed her furry friends support by coming out to PETA's 30th Anniversary Gala and Humanitarian Awards over the weekend, but revealed to us what she won't be showing off anytime soon: Her hot bod.

"Their ads are amazing and I'm always so impressed by the girls who have done them, but I personally would sooner die than have someone take my picture with all of my clothes off."

Wow. A demure starlet in town, shocker! But Soph just might change her mind:

"Maybe by the time I'm 40 I'll be like ‘Yeah! Why not!,' but I don't see that in my future," Bush teased to us on the red carpet.

And until then at least some One Tree Hill groupies got a glimpse of what the TV star would look like if she ever did change her mind.

Flaunting a nearly-naked nude dress to the event, the vegetarian pranced alongside other stylish stars like Kelly Osbourne, Glee's Lea Michele and Eva Mendes, who has stripped down to her skivvies for PETA (let's hope she talked some naked sense into Bush).

Aside from some naked campaigning, does Sophia ever think PETA goes too far?

"I don't think you can deny if you're trying to be one hundred percent honest that maybe there are things they've said to people that have been a bit extreme, but I know that it comes from a good place,"  a perky, yet serious, Bush dished.

"It's like when my mom has called me five times on a Tuesday, I know that it's because she loves me, even though she knows I'm at work and can't pick up the phone. I don't think it comes from a negative place and hopefully events like this will educate people to the point that they're not making mistakes so severe that PETA wants to be crazy protesting."

Look, we're all about saving the animals here at the AT, you know that, and although sometimes PETA can be a tad sanctimonious (like going after Lady Gaga's  raw dress from the VMA'S), we respect what they do, just the same.

Still, we think Sophia is the perfect candidate to strip down next! But does Austin Nichols? More on those two love birds tomorrow, for sure!

Additional reporting by Ivana Dukanovic

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