Lea Michele

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"Going to nights like tonight make everything worth it."

Glee's resident diva-extraordinaire Lea Michele (as if there were another) when we asked her at the PETA's 30th Anniversary Gala and Humanitarian Awards on Saturday how she deals with all the problematic goss that came with becoming a sing-a-long superstar.

The babe along with a handful of other animal activists was being honored for her work, so we'll go easy on her today. Cause we do totally heart her and all that she does for animals. That said…

Could she have thought of a lamer, totally P.C. response?

We don't think so.

We'll fess, Lea's plastered-on smile wasn't the only think that seemed fake on the red carpet. (Not to say she was anything but friendly while strutting her glammed out toosh down the red carpet, but LM always has been when she knows she's being watched.)

We know L hasn't exactly been the biggest fan of Team Awful or our dishing on her diva ‘tude—so we think it'd be the perfect opportunity to answer the Q honestly and tell us how she really feels about the not-always-squeaky clean tabloid attention she gets.

We love a gal who speaks her mind.

Oh well, we're sure Lea was excited for the big night. She's totally into the animal activism biz—not just for the healthy dose of positive PR—so we're totally into that fab portion of her.

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