Darren Criss


Chris Colfer time to start practicing your best pucker!

According to reliable inside sources, a new gay student has just been cast on Glee, and his name is:

Darren Everett Criss.

Darren is a relative newcomer who starred in a handful of episodes of Eastwick...And just so happens to be pretty darn moppy-headed, and pretty darn easy on the eyes (and possibly separated at birth from Survivor's Ethan Zohn). Sue Sylvester is sure to have a field day with this one.

(The photo above is from Darren's Twitter.)

Sources confirm Darren will be playing Blaine, a gay student from a rival school glee club named the Darlton Dalton Academy Warblers.

So, in the grand tradition of awesome rivals-turned-lovers (Rachel-Jesse), this has to be the new boyfriend for Kurt (Colfer) that creator Ryan Murphy has been telling us about for months, right? Right?!

Well...not so fast. While one insider close to the casting tells me Darren will be playing Chris Colfer's love interest, a Fox source tells me: "Although people might speculate that this might be the possible boyfriend for Kurt that Ryan has talked about, he is fairly sure that this particular character won't be. This friendship will be platonic."

So...Let the guessing begin.

Chord Overstreet, Chris Colfer

Kevin Winter/Getty Images; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Will Kurt end up with Darren's character Blaine, or will it be the new quarterback and glee club member we met in last week's premiere episode, the dreamy and pouty Chord Overstreet After all, Jane Lynch heavily hinted to us that Chord will be Kurt's new lovah. Or could it be a love triangle with Kurt and both new guys? Or none of the above? The mind boggles!

Place your bets in the comments section below...And make sure you brace yourself for this Tuesday's giddy-good-lookin' episode of Glee, with superfamous Brittany (Heather Morris) doing a bunch of songs by a little-known artist named Britney Spears.

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