David Beckham

Juan Soliz, PacificCoastNews.com

David Beckham is a man of his word.

He told E! News he was going to sue In Touch Weekly over its story about him having an affair with a high-priced hooker, and sue he did.

The soccer stud filed a libel lawsuit Friday in L.A. Superior Court against Bauer Publishing Co., claiming In Touch knowingly published false information when it went ahead with an article quoting a woman who claimed Beckham paid for her services approximately five times and patronized another prostitute, as well.

His complaint alleges libel, slander and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

View the lawsuit and related documents

"Sadly, we live in a world where a magazine can print lies and believe they can get away with it," Beckham said.

For their part, In Touch issued a statement saying that they stood by their reporting and "have confidence in the credibility of the multiple sources we quote in the story."


Like Paul Newman once said, why would he go out for hamburger when he's got steak at home?

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