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Maribeth Bush (no relation to that other horrible famous clan) has made quite the name for herself playing the earnest, quasi-pretty girl next door. She's been in a couple of big-studio jobs that have helped make her a household name, but the majority of Bush's income—and kudos—comes from the more boutique kinda flicks. I mean, it's not like this babe gets paid millions or anything.

But man, is she ever acting like she's worth that amount of money!

So much so, that Maribeth's current little-studio-that-could, Pinnacle Pictures, has come to a conclusion:

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They want to can the bitch!

"Everybody thinks it's the other stars here who are difficult," snipped a top Pinnacle source, "but oh how they're wrong. It's Maribeth and Maribeth alone. If people only knew!"

Pinnacle, which hasn't exactly shied away from using whatever leverage it has to keep its performers in line, is currently scrutinizing Bush's deal, looking for resources it has to shake some sense into the spoiled babe's big head.

"She thinks she's this huge star," bitched the Pinnacle pooper. "She thinks she's Jennifer Aniston. She keeps asking for all this money!"

We're told Maribeth's on-the-set manners also match her unrealistic moolah demands, and that the slightly curvy woman is "impossible" to deal with.

Yikes. Maybe M-stuff should remember they are about two billion hungry, more humble and out-of-work actors who would die to change places with her ungrateful self, who, for the record, really should have her teeth fixed.

It Ain't: Jennifer Aniston, Anna Faris, Amanda Seyfried

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