Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan is off to jail. Surprised? Well LiLo sure is!

"Don't worry, I'm not going to jail," is what Lohan was telling and texting concerned friends (yes, she still has some) as recently as yesterday...

Pals close to Linds tell us the redhead thought she would get out on bail until her next probation violation hearing where she would then "probably" go to jail but would get out early because of overcrowding.

Jeez, sounds awfully like TMZ's theory yesterday.

"Lindsay reads the blogs," adds our source. "Think about it, she got out of jail early. She got out of rehab early. Why wouldn't she think she would get off easy today too?"

As for Us Weekly's story yesterday about how she was smugly drinking Jack and Coke's at Magnolia restaurant while faux-tweeting her confession about her failed drug test, our source can't confirm that actually took place. But does say this:

"I can tell you, alcohol was never really her issue. It was substance abuse, and perhaps worst of all her attitude about everything."

Yeah, except when she gets drunk she's way more likely to sniff whatever is lying in front of her.

"She really has a lot of psychological issues that need to be taken care of before she can change any of her other habits," adds our insider, rather concerned.

Can't argue there!

Honestly, we doubt jail is going to change any of L.'s habits right now. Girl needs psychological treatment and a long-ass time in rehab.

If not to make bloggers like us shut the ef up about what a mess you are, do it for your friggin' fans girlfriend. Because trust, they are losing hope.

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