Who Gives John Stamos a Lap Dance on Glee?

Former Full House and ER star tells Seacrest what to expect from the Britney and Rocky Horror episodes

By Jennifer Arrow Sep 24, 2010 6:55 PMTags

Friend of E! John Stamos begins his run on Glee next Tuesday, and he just revealed to Ryan Seacrest that his gig launches with some pretty sexy stuff: He's getting a lap dance from one of the regular castmembers! Who did the dirty deed? Plus, who's not going to play the part of Dr. Frank N. Furter in the Rocky Horror episode?

According to Stamos, "My first day [on the show] was interesting, because they were shooting in the middle of one of the fantasies, and [I was shooting with] Heather Morris, who plays Brittany. I play a dentist [and] the gag was that I was in the dentist chair, and she was literally doing a lap dance on me in a mesh thing with diamonds. And that was my first day."

Stamos says that there are six Britney Spears songs in the "Brittany/Britney" episode. Meanwhile, he shares this of the pop star's visit to the Glee set: "I heard [Britney] was very funny. She has a good sense of humor. I heard she was kind of nervous and had a lot of people around, but they're very good at making people feel comfortable."

As for that other big Glee stunt episode, the Rocky Horror installment, which is set to air around Halloween, "I was initially going to do the Dr. Frank N. Furter role, the Tim Curry role, but I think the network freaked out and said we don't want to see Stamos in fishnets...again. So I play another role."

Apparently the last-minute switcheroo led to quite a bit of procrastination on Stamos' part. He admitted to Seacrest (while saying he hoped his Glee bosses weren't listening): "So like a day before, they said you have to sing this other [Rocky Horror] song, so I say I'm sick, and then I go to the singing coach for like a week and work on it and work on it, and then they have this big dance and that day I pretended I was sick. Then I rented out my own dance studio and I rehearsed. I can get to Z, but it takes me a long time to get there." As they say, practice makes progress!

Stamos shot his scenes for the Rocky Horror installment yesterday, and apparently we'll see him do some dancing as well as singing: "I was dancing all day yesterday on Glee—when you're a dancer it takes 10 [takes]—and my knees are so [messed up]. I had to slide, so I was on my knees the whole time." He added, joking: "And that's how I got the job too."

Excited for Stamos to join the cast of Glee? Who do you think will be playing Dr. Frank N Furter?


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