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Cass Stimulatia is such the outrageous charmer, it's really a shame she's having these current problems—mostly of the physical kind. Ya know, girl stuff.

And Cass—some think she's a looker, others not so much—hasn't exactly been quiet on the subject of the female body predicaments she currently faces. Her friends are really tired of hearing about it, like, totally!

See, Cass wants to expand her rather currently small domestic situation by having a kid, but the docs are telling her something that was a prob the last time she tried is really a problem now:

Bacteria most likely got into Cass's reproductive system when she was a wild and crazy thing, still a kid, really, when she decided she should at least appear she was still a virgin (we're talkin' when C.S. was really young, babes). So Cass made all the boys slept with agree to anal sex only, thereby remaining, supposedly, a virgin. Granted, that's not that uncommon a situation. And it's a totally ridiculous thought-process, but, hey, when you're young, you do stupid things.

Problem is, Cass often changed her mind during the rear-entry days, deciding the front entry was what she wanted, after all.

This was a very bad idea.

Cass has been told by her docs that, most likely, some kind of bacteria infection resulted, causing her child-bearing capabilities to be limited, at best. At least, this is what poor darlin' Ms. Stimulatia is blabbin' to her pals.

So sorry, Ms. Cassy! Ain't it a bitch when society judges you for your less-than-popular sexual choices, and then nasty Mother Nature gets in on the act, too. No fair!

It Ain't: Nicollette Sheridan, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Love

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