Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton

Steve Fenn/ABC; STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images

So the blogosphere was in nitpick overload the past couple of days at the sight of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wearing a hair clip to her United Nations meetings.

God forbid anyone actually learn what the meetings were about (how to help Pakistan and Haiti)! Instead, Hil was bashed for her poor taste in butterfly clips.

Jeez, women in politics cannot catch a break! Sarah Palin included.

We know we get our jabs in at Palin, hell, she asks for it a lot of times with her not so articulate comments, but remember the whole Newsweek fiasco? When they put her on the cover, legs and all? Sarah called it sexist, and can't say we disagree. Anyone see Time or Newsweek slapping an abtastic shot of Mitt Romney on the cover when they write a story on him? Or shudder Glenn Beck? Never gonna happen.

(Admittedly, we've also gone after the question of whether or not Palin got a boob job, but, we would have done the same if Hillary or Bill Clinton strutted around in a tight top like that.)

Obviously, there's a distinct double standard that female politicians' appearances are scrutinized, whereas men's are not, for the most part.

What, Barack was called out once in the press for having "dad jeans"? Good one, guys.

Seriously, we're all ears—or eyes if we got an email response back—from what Clinton herself has to say about the absurd media speculation. We have officially asked. First time A.T.'s ever contacted the Secretary of State, so exciting! And what an crucial inquiry, no?

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