Survivor: Nicaragua

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Jeff Probst does not lie: Tonight's Tribal Council served up the healthiest portion of whoopass in Survivor history.

But what started as some healthy venting suddenly exploded into vitriol—and a homophobic attack that shocked and angered the tribe.

After accusing Sash (and most of New York City) of being gay—an insult in his eyes—Shannon Elkins was voted out 7-3 by his La Flor tribemates in their first Tribal Council.

I for one was not surprised by Shannon's slurs. During our first conversation in Nicaragua, he casually said, "My boys can call me a fag [but] I know I'm straight."

At least Shannon can hurry home now to his boys—and the old ball and chain. ("Every year I'm married they gave me a trophy," Shannon also told me.)

Blech. I still have a bad taste in my mouth, and it's not from eating Jill's snails.

Say No to Escargot: Before Shannon's eruption at Tribal, pageant mother Holly was reigning queen of crazytown. Again, this wasn't much of a surprise to me either, having witnessed her bizarre behavior at Espada's first Tribal Council. (You're going to have to trust me—it was unfortunately cut from last week's broadcast.) Her tribemates' wariness only fueled her paranoia, but fortunately Holly took the initiative and found a "way to handle the situation" and restore her equanimity. Unfortunately, it meant Dan's $1,600 alligator shoes had to swim with the fishes.

On the Radar: Jimmy Johnson told me before the game, "I've got to fight my instincts as a coach and try to stay under the radar...try not to assert myself too much." Oops. There he was, doling out "assignments for the day" and coaching Holly out of despair with a little help from Vince Lombardi. By bringing Holly back from the deep end, Coach saved his his expense. Scheming Marty now holds the Immunity Idol—and the real power in this tribe.

Dru Moorhouse

Shift of Power: The Antiques silenced last week's naysayers by surrendering their Medallion of Power for an advantage in the Hay-Mate challenge—and barely winning both immunity and fishing gear. La Flor will use the Medallion of Power at the next challenge, and if they don't annihilate Espada, I will eat mud.

Oh wait—I already did! This picture shows me competing as part of the Press Team in a trial run of tonight's challenge in Nicaragua. We defeated Survivor's own Dream Team, and let me tell you, there nothing is sweeter than Jeff Probst raising his arms in the air and declaring your victory.

Next week looks like another battle of the crazies, as NaOnka continues to lose her mind along with her socks over at La Flor. This is the same person who told me before the game, "I'm going to be that rainbow, that ray of sunshine that keeps that energy level up and very positive and upbeat and helpful." Sigh. The road to Tribal Council is paved with good intentions. Still, I'm convinced young La Flor will win immunity, and the Antiques will send home either Jimmy Johnson (no!), Holly or the physically struggling Dan.

Lucky me—I'm chatting with Shannon tomorrow morning! Post your Q's in the comments or tweet me @drumoorhouse and I will do my best to get you the answers.

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