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What an X-rated Wednesday! Yesterday, Ashton Kutcher and David Beckham both found themselves in the tabloid hot seat, with claims of sexy goings-on with some women other than their wives.

Both stars have denied cheating.

Indeed, Becks and Posh are vigorously fighting the accusations, with Beckham and his lawyers going after In Touch. Ashton and wife Demi Moore, meanwhile, have supposedly enlisted a "don't ask, don't tell" policy among friends after the Star's most recent sexting story about @aplusk and a rumored honey (they also sent some tweet-bombs Star's way).

Jeez, who to believe here?

Remember, Kutcher tweeted a denial during Round One of Star's cheating claim, strongly stating the magazine's story of trashy texts and sexy time on the couch with a younger, clutching woman were a complete sham.

Overseas, Beckham was quick to shoot down all the dirty details of his supposed cheating fiasco, from the rumors of a $10,000-a-night sexual payday to allegations of threesomes and unsafe sex with a rumored high-end call girl. (And, yes, the 10 grand was supposedly paid to the woman, even though we think she should have been the other way around. Let's get real!)

While the footballer and ex-Spice Girl take on the tabloids, the cougar and her Ashton-prey turn five on Friday, celebrating their anniversary—for now.

But look, with the similar tabloid-babe battles stars like Josh Duhamel have had to fight, this is getting to be an awfully broken record. WTF? Are all these guys innocent?

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