Sarah Palin

Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

"Can't happen."

—Pivotal Dee Cee player on whether or not Sarah Palin has a shot at Barack Obama's seat in the next presidential race. With Sare staying out of the public eye and daughter Bristol Palin dancing right into it, it made us wonder if something fishy was going down up in Alaska.

Like, could she really stand a chance to unseat Obama?

Not really, according to our bipartisan insider:

"I can't imagine for one minute that the national party leaders would be OK with it. That said, [Palin] could very likely pull a Ross Perot and run on her own, which would be a freaking nightmare for both parties, actually. It all makes my head hurt, and kinda makes me want to pull the covers over my head and never leave the house."

Us, too?

After all, this beauty-pageant moose-hunter really does come straight from the Reese Witherspoon cut—way crafty and you really wouldn't know it. Sure, Reese does it with a perky smile while Sarah does it with a Paris Hilton dumb-dumb attitude, but the media-manipulating is something Sarah P has picked up and learned to do quite well. Clearly, she didn't entirely realize these powers back when she ran alongside John McCain, but, she does now.

Glad to hear just not quite well enough, 'tho, to get her tush to the White House—so say some. We're perfectly fine with the elder Palin staying right on TLC where we can see her. Literally.

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