Gale Harold, Hellcats

Andrew Eccles / The CW

You loved him on Queer as Folk. You fell even harder for him on Desperate Housewives. And now the charming and oh-so-handsome Gale Harold is joining the CW's Hellcats, one of our new fall faves.

So what's he doing with a bunch of hot cheerleaders? It sounds a little naughty. Here's what Gale tells us:

Give us the goods on your new Hellcats character Julian Parrish.
Gale Harold:
Julian is a law professor, and he meets Marti (Aly Michalka) in class and it's suddenly this dynamic of them feeling each other out.

Sounds a little...scandalous maybe? What do you mean by 'feeling each other out?'
G.H.: He doesn't know whether to take her seriously because she's this cheerleader. And Julian just doesn't think she'll be in his class very long, that she'll screw up and leave. He puts it back on her prove that she's serious and that this is what she wants to do.

Will there be a romance with your character and any Hellcat, or Hellcat coach?
G.H.: I've heard that there may be. But may have just been other teachers chatting in the lounge. (Laughs.) You might see a little J.P.+ H.C.? The name might start with an M?

It sounds like you storyline with Aly's character parallels her storyline with the Hellcats.
G.H.: That's how it felt to me, too. Julian's teaching because he can't afford to live independently and make a career as an attorney. He loves to teach, but at the same time he'd rather be in the courtroom. So there's definitely a parallel to Marti's situation with the Hellcats.

Why Hellcats? What made you want to do it?
G.H.: What's really interesting to me about Hellcats is there's the cheerleading world and the happy day-by-day reality, and then underneath it, it's not always so nice. It's good to investigate what's going on down there.

Don't forget to tune into Hellcats tonight at 9 p.m. on the CW to see Gale's debut ep!


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