2016 Rio

Watching Laurie Hernandez Meet Tori Kelly for the Very First Time Will Make Your Entire Day

Team USA gymnast has said she’s always wanted to meet the talented artist

September 25, 2016

Simone Biles Releases a Statement Regarding Drug Testing Leak

Olympian was victim of Russian hacking scandal

September 13, 2016

Putting Ryan Lochte's Punishment Into Perspective: If a 10-Month Suspension Seems Like a Slap on the Wrist, Here's Why It Isn't

Lochte's behavior—and, we suspect, his initial lack of remorse—cost him more time away from competitive swimming than it may seem at first glance

September 8, 2016


Ryan Lochte Joins Dancing With the Stars Season 23 and Puts Rio Drama Behind Him

"I just want to move forward and...put on my dancing shoes," the Olympic swimmer says

August 30, 2016


Ryan Lochte Pictured Leaving the Gym After Rio Police Charge Him for False Robbery Report

E! News has exclusive details on the athlete's post-scandal workout at a West Hollywood gym

August 26, 2016

Jimmy Feigen Apologizes for Rio Incident, Omitting Facts: "I Was Trying to Protect My Teammates"

"I am so sorry for the drama this has caused in everyone's lives," the Olympic swimmer says

August 24, 2016


Here Is What's Next for Ryan Lochte Following His Rio Robbery Scandal

"He is not giving up, he just is very overwhelmed what has happened," a source tells E! News

August 24, 2016


Team USA's Final Five Gymnasts ''Don't Like It'' When You Try to Pit Them Against Each Other

"People don't always believe it, but we know that we're happy, we know that we love each other so that's all that matters," Aly Raisman tells E! News

August 24, 2016

Ryan Lochte Is "Genuinely a Good Guy" Who Made a Big "Mistake" in Rio, Says Teammate Conor Dwyer

"...it hurts to see him in this position and make a mistake like that," fellow Olympian says on Sirius XM's Conversations With Maria Menounos

August 23, 2016


Ryan Lochte ''Feels Like His Life Is Crumbling Under Him'' Following Rio Robbery Scandal

A source tells E! News, "After everyone found out the truth he knew it was over. He really does feel bad."

August 23, 2016

Ryan Lochte and the Dying Art of the Public Lie: Why It's Impossible to Get Away With Anything but People Keep Trying

How is it that public figures always manage to convince themselves that they can tell a big, splashy falsehood and get away with it in this day and age?

August 22, 2016


Speedo USA, Ralph Lauren, Airweave and Syneron Candela Drop Ryan Lochte's Sponsorships Amid Rio Scandal

Company promises to "donate a $50,000 portion of Lochte's fee to Save The Children"

August 22, 2016

Ryan Lochte Reflects on Exaggerating Rio Robbery Story: If I Hadn't "We Wouldn't Be in This Mess"

The gold medalist revisits the details of his scandal in Brazil

August 22, 2016

The Best and Worst Moments From the 2016 Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony

Pita Taufatofua, Simone Biles and more athletes create big moments for the annual event

August 22, 2016

E! Olympic Medals: Who Really Takes Home the Gold in Rio?

Because the Olympics don't have to be just about sports.

August 22, 2016