Dancing With the Stars Results: Who Was First to Go?

The Situation, the Hoff and, er, Margaret Cho tied for last place, but did that matter tonight?

By Natalie Finn Sep 22, 2010 2:05 AMTags
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Deservingly or not, someone always has to go first.

While a definite few stuck out on the 11th season premiere of Dancing With the Stars, be it for their impressive or clear lack of Situational skills, a celeb's spot on the leaderboard isn't necessarily a good indicator of what's going to happen after the voters weigh in.

Early sentimental favorite Jennifer Grey was also the judges' favorite Monday, earning 24 on her waltz to land in first place. So there was no way the people's Baby was going anywhere tonight, right?

Of course not! She was super safe.

Instead, David Hasselhoff was hassled out of the ballroom, the rug ripped right out from under him after cutting only one rug.

So much for cult status!

"It's been a great ride," the actor said. "I feel bad for Kym [Johnson] because she worked so hard to try to get me where I was going. I'm just so proud that my daughters are here and they saw me go this far."


With The Hoff's exit, The Situation is the only egomaniacally named celeb left. The Jersey Shore playa turned in a lackluster cha-cha after only having five days to rehearse, but he has promised to do better.

And she may have also tied for last place and exhibited the most wasted amount of potential with her gimmicky and garish waltz, but Margaret Cho was the second celeb declared safe, after Michael Bolton. He's going to have to lighten up and tap into that "Soul Provider" appeal to drum up more favor with the judges.

Also safe for another week are Brandy, Bristol Palin, Rick Fox, Audrina Patridge, Florence Henderson, Kurt Warner and Kyle Massey.

And how dare they leave Kyle, who surely was way up there with votes, lingering until the final minute along with comparative riffraff like The Situation? No offense to Jennifer Grey, but Kyle was the best!

Next week, the 11 remaining stars tackle either the rumba or the jive, both potential Dancing career killers in their own way. See ya Monday!


Was this the right choice, or are you sorry that you aren't going to see more of The Hoff's moves?