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It's ironic, of course, that the woman behind Bristol Palin being cast in Dancing With the Stars didn't show up for her. At least, not in person. But, man did she tweet up a storm of fuzzy-mama comments!

That's great and all, but wasn't there a time when tons of Dancing folks thought Sarah Palin was going to come watch Bristol strut? Isn't that why there was all the extra protection Monday night?

Not so much.

"No one was expecting her there," said a Dancing insider. "It was premature speculation she was going to show for the first two-hour taping."

Either that or Palin has suddenly decided to pull back her media visibility in order to hold out all that moosey headline time for her own gig: Sarah Palin's Alaska, which debuts on TLC this November.

But in an interesting twist to that theory, insiders at TLC tell us Palin's even pulling back on the press for that sure-to-be must-see mayhem. So who's she saving it all for? Surely, not just Fox News. Maybe 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.? Looking possible.

Also, there's good news for poor Bristol, who can't even shake a good, sturdy gam without people conjuring up either her mother or that loser schmuckwad ex of hers. Dancing folks are kinda high on the curvy broad:

"It's not like Bristol is going anywhere the first round," one of them insisted confidently, making it clear that everybody connected is praying for a mama-bear Palin visit sooner than later. "[Bistol] will be giving the show lots of press throughout the season."

With or without her mom, apparently.

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