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Oh, the horror! Too Much Good TV Thursday is upon us, and tonight at 8 p.m. you'll be faced with some tough choices.

That said, how can you possibly resist the second-season premiere of the freshest comedy around, Community, especially when they are unleashing a secret weapon: Betty White!

I hit the Community set to get the scoop straight from Betty herself and learned that along with the rest of the world's population (male, female, extraterrestrial), she is dreaming of kissing Joel McHale:

Betty, who's playing an anthropologist on the show, lamented to me: "I haven't been making out with anybody. It's been really dull. But I dream a lot. [Joel's] just lovely. He's delightful."

Watch out, McHale! Sure sounds like this hot octogenarian is gunnin' for ya.

And really, words cannot describe how delightful Betty herself is in real life. Just check out my video interview with her below—in which she also talks about a possible rap album (she raps on the show tonight). Much more of our interview will be released for her second episode, for which I was on set.

Betty will be back on Community at least one more time. And I can tell you that her turn tonight—as well as her second, Swahili-spouting guest spot—is awesome and hilarious.

What's that? You're still not sold? Pshaw! Well, here are five more reasons why watching Community tonight is good for your soul:

1. There's a marriage proposal! We won't spoil the twist for you, but it's surprising and ultimately leads to a wedding—all in tonight's half-hour.

2. $#*! My Dad Says becomes "Old White Man Says"...and all we can say is please, NBC, follow through on this and make Pierce's (Chevy Chase) thoughts into an actual Twitter page.

3. We love us some spare Chang, and Ken Jeong kills each and every scene he's in tonight. Poor Chang is out of a job (and that Señor title), and watching him try to join the crew is priceless.

4. Community's cold open is both entertaining and adorable, is filled with some fun tunes (theme-song singers The 88, we believe) and lets us see inside the gang's bedrooms—a shirtless Joel and tighty-whitey wearing Danny included.

5. Gillian Jacobs (Britta), Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley) and Alison Brie (Annie) are all beyond funny and show some never-before-seen sides to their characters. Plus, there's a catfight. Yay!

Are you convinced of Community's greatness yet? Catch the premiere tonight at 8 p.m. on NBC.


The Office is back tonight too, and we've got the romance scoop you've been waiting for.

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