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Tonight is the night! Grey's Anatomy returns, with new series regular Sarah Drew.

Now, we love Sarah Drew, but when it comes to some newbie creepin' up on our Mer-Der action, it's hard to forgive.

So to prep for her new increased role, I did what any respectable journalist would do—I trekked it on over to Sarah's house (oh yeah, I went there!) and demanded some answers, including a few on that icky Derek crush, and even an Everwood reunion (she admits to one-night stands with a former costar!)...

"We are going to see the redemption of April," Sarah promised me (promise, I didn't threaten her or anything!). "She's moved past the [Derek] crush."

See more of my sitdown with Sarah in the video below—and don't worry mobile users, we've got you covered, too:

Sarah says April's change of heart is due in large part to that superscary Grey's finale shootout. "Witnessing the miscarriage and sitting there and having that moment with Meredith really helped to shut the door on all of it," explained the starlet from the comfort of her very own adorable home—which I graciously offered to move in to. " Also, there's something about almost getting someone killed that makes you stop crushing on them. Really it's replaced with guilt more so than adoration." Hooray for small miracles, right?

Now I know you guys might not believe this, but Sarah swears we might totally fall in love with her character this season, too.

"There's a really fun secret about April revealed in episode three," she teased. Sarah's also ready to see April get some lovin' but has a very specific storyline in mind—so Shonda Rhimes, this one's for you!

"She's never been loved!," Sarah laughed. "In her big monologue she goes, 'I've never been loved. I haven't lived yet,' so that's my hope for April. I want to see a Bright-Hannah [Everwood] storyline, like a really sweet love story, an innocent, blossoming of her and entering into becoming a woman—even though she's 28 years-old."

Ah, Everwood. A gem from the WB of yesteryear, and one that Sarah told me she still holds near and dear to her heart: "I love my Everwood family. I mean I was just watching a clip from one of the shows the other day and I literally teared up." She and Emily Van Camp are still buds and stands?!

"When we [see each other] it's an eight hour, drinking wine, talking, sharing as if no time has passed and then I fall asleep in her house and then sneak out at 6 a.m. the next morning," Sarah gushed. "And then I don't see her again for six months so we call them our one-night stands."

Told ya. Sarah Drew is love-worthy. So keep an open mind as Grey's new season opens tonight, will ya?

Don't miss what's bound to be a crazy Grey's Anatomy premiere tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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