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Len Goodman says he has "the guns but no ammo." But The Situation disagrees!

Last night at Dancing With the Stars, we caught up with all the new contenders, and learned among other things that The Sitch, aka Mike Sorrentino, has some top-secret ammo up his too-tight sleeves:

He's saving his real mojo for a few weeks from now.

"We didn't pull it out tonight," Sorrentino explained to us backstage, "because we kind of just want to maybe pull it out in maybe another week or two and maybe show America, ‘Hey, this kid actually has talent.' We wanted to show [the weakness] first."

So just to be clear: The Situation was trying to make you think he can't dance, but apparently three weeks from now he'll be making the pros look like amateurs. Got it?

For the record, we think he's kidding. (Help, please: Does anyone speak fluent Situation?) But one thing seems a bit more clear: The Jersey Shore star felt the judges were unfair. "The judges are holding us to the highest of the high. Like, higher than anybody," Sorrentino told us. "I jumped off the stage—I flipped! I mean, I figured some bravado—not bravado, but try some new things and maybe that would, you know, be our favorite, but they were a little harsh. I even complimented [Len] on the suit, too!"

Also backstage, Jennifer Grey talked about her emotional breakdown as the Dirty Dancing memories flooded back. "I must be really dense or something," she told us, "because I had no idea that was coming. It hit me like a ton of bricks. It was bizarre. It was like remembering something in your childhood, and all of the sudden you smell that fresh-baked bread. It was like that, except I was back on set."

And in case you didn't notice, everyone loves Kyle Massey. Even his competition. "Lord, that Kyle Massey!" Grey enthused. "How fabulous was he? Just pure joy."

But Kyle isn't sittin' comfy just yet. "You can never know," he told us, "because a lot of times when you perform well, people think, ‘All right, I won't vote for him.' So the people that are doing really well are actually the ones that are voted out."

Who are you rooting for this season?


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