You've read about the morning Charlie Sheen was arrested for assaulting wife Brooke Mueller in Aspen, the police report stating that he pushed her onto their bed and held a knife to her throat.

Former Aspen Police Officer Valerie McFarlane interviewed Mueller and took close-up photographs of her injuries following her Christmas Day fight with Sheen, which, according to official accounts, turned violent after Mueller said she wanted a divorce.

McFarlane, in an exclusive interview with E! News, says that the public should see what Mueller looked like after that fight.

"When you see those photos, it changes everything," McFarlane says. "You see the pictures, you get it. You really get it."

The police report stated that Mueller had "visible" red marks on her neck, "consistent with a strangulation attempt," and faded bruises on her arms from a "huge fight" in October 2009.

Though they had been in "previous altercations," McFarlane says, "this one really scared her because he had her on the bed with a knife. She really feared for her life."

Mueller told her that Sheen spit on her while holding her down, McFarlane says, and held that knife to her throat for "approximately 20 minutes."

McFarlane, who was fired by the department for allegedly parlaying her insider status on the Sheen case into perks and favorable treatment from an Aspen Daily News reporter who was covering the proceedings, tells E! News that she's speaking out now to raise awareness about domestic violence.

When she talked to her in December, Mueller showed her the bruises from the October fight, McFarlane says.

"Then she explained that they previously had a fight which he threw her like a rag doll and she had hit her head on a table ,and she eventually had to visit four different doctors—and I think one was a neurologist because of the injuries that she sustained," the former cop says.

According to the December police report, Mueller did have a CAT scan after banging her head in October. Sheen characterized her fall as an accident and the incident was never reported.

After months of negotiations that ultimately worked in his favor, Sheen ended up pleading guilty to third-degree domestic violence, for which he spent 30 days in a treatment facility for "behavioral modification."

Watch the complete interview with Valerie McFarlane tonight on E! News at 7 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. ET/PT

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