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Well, it was really only a matter of time, particularly after Lindsay Lohan herself—in a remarkable, uncharacteristic and we're guessing fleeting bout of honesty—admitted that she had failed a drug test.

But, turns out she was playing things a bit coy. She didn't fail one of her drug tests.

She reportedly failed two. So guess where she's headed? (Again.)

"There is a report of a violation," the ever impressed-upon Los Angeles County court spokesman Alan Parachini confirmed to E! News. "Her probation was revoked. A warrant was issued but it is being held pending the Friday hearing."

Which means LiLo won't be dragged off in handcuffs anytime soon, but that her date with destiny (and Judge Elden Fox) at week's end could be the last she sees of the free world for quite some time.

No official word on what substance(s) fouled her test results, but she has been out of rehab for just three weeks.

So much for progress. As it happens, per the terms of her probation as laid out by Fox last month, any violation—in theory anyway—will result in an automatic 30 days spent in the slammer.

Team Lohan, however, is nothing if not adaptable, and already E! News has exclusive word that LiLo was being urged by those close to her, including attorney Shawn Chapman Holley, to voluntarily enter into a last-ditch (but oh-so-familiar sounding) residential substance abuse center.

While sources tell E! News she remains at home, she's obviously keeping herself to herself, as her Twitter page has not been updated and she has not been spotted by paparazzi since her public attendance of an AA meeting over the weekend.

—Reporting by Ken Baker

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