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Dear Ted:
I was just wondering if you know anything about Walter Salles asking Robert Pattinson not to return to the set of On the Road after the pics of Kristen and him in Montreal surfaced? I mean, I understand that Salles is a serious director, and may not tolerate paparazzi or the type of media circus Rob seems to bring with him. But can a director really stop an actor's significant other from visiting them on set? Love u and ur column btw.

Dear And Cut:
Sure, a director can pretty much make up his own rules on set and the actors, if they want to still be in said film, better friggin' obey. But look at it this way, Rob visiting is already hyping the hell out of this movie and it isn't even close to being out! Sure Walter may get testy with the paps, but they were gonna hunt the set down with or without Pattinson. From what we heard from set sources Rob totally was not disruptive and stayed out of the way. Kristen Stewart wasn't the only one who enjoyed his company.

Dear Ted:
Please give me the scoop! Is there any truth to a romance between Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev?

Dear Wishful Thinking:
Sorry darling, not true!

Dear Ted:
Plz dont talk bad about the Kardashian family. They are so nice and cool they are very interesting and role models. I love the whole family and they are just a typical family who everyday has a different day, they go thru struggles and happiness but really no one should bag on them thank you.

Dear Reading Comprehension:
You kidding? We have nothing but love for all of the K.'s, and Bruce Jenner, too. Scott Disick is up for debate, but if Kourtney is happy, then guess that's all that matters?

Dear Ted:
Since our favorite sparkle boy and his bella are MIA what are the chances of these two tying the knot while in New Orleans? They seem like the type that just might surprise us and get hitched in secret. Am I way off base? Could they elope? Here's hoping.

Dear Off Base:
Considering Rob and Kristen Stewart are no longer in NOLA I'm gonna go with no. R.Pattz is in London. And as for the eloping part, these two would be prone to do something like that in secret but sorry babes, they are not at the marriage step yet.

Dear Ted:
Is Taylor Momsen a B.V.?

Dear Pretty Reckless:
Nope, we think Taylor would shout her Vices from the top of that high-pitched voice of hers because she's totally edgy and tough, didn't ya know?

Dear Ted:
Sane and reasonable Rob and Kristen fans would like to know about their movie projects or music in Rob's case. The fact that they are in a happy relationship is old news (no matter how those flea bitten Nonstens spin it) so what's next after BD? Do they have any of HW's top directors and/or producers waiting to hear from them?

Dear Business Over Pleasure:
Well C., the fact you typed your letter with correct punctuation and capitalization tells me you could be sane after all. Both Rob and Kristen have tons of scripts and directors throwing themselves at them constantly. But because R. & K. are actually talented it's really those two beauts that get a lot of say in picking their next projects. But what they choose is uber important when Twilight finally wraps. It will really dictate the longevity of their career.

Dear Ted:
I think Emma Stone has been an underrated actress for a while now, so I think it's great she's getting attention for the hilarious movie Easy A. She's really talented, funny, and seems unfazed by the whole Hollywood scene. Is my judgment correct? Also she's working on a movie with Ryan Gosling and as much as I would love him for myself, I think they would make a cute couple together!

Dear Good Pick:
Emma is a total doll, couldn't agree more with you! The fact she flies under the radar is a good thing. No one wants another Lindsay Lohan on our hands, ya know? As for Gosling, it pains us to let him go too. Guess they could be good together but no entirely sold yet. We're still rooting for Michelle Williams!

Dear Ted:
Since there are so many wanna be in-the-know gossipers on your site, I was wondering what did you want to be when you were a kid? I am guessing a veterinarian! Also, how is the career of Judas Jack-Off doing? Is staying in the closet paying off for the scumbag?

Dear Personal One:
First, a critic, then an architect, then an interior designer, then an artist, then, bingo, what I am! Yes and no.

Dear Ted:
I'm fascinated by George Clooney and Elizabetta Canalis' relationship, considering she speaks very little English and he speaks very little Italian. Do you think it's possible to have a deep and meaningful relationship when so much is lost in translation?

Dear Not So Lost:
Babe, you've just typed out exactly why their relationship has lasted so damn long!

Dear Ted:
The people who hired and supported Lindsay Lohan for the Lovelace movie must be freaking out! The chances are, they might sue her for breaking her contract, have you seen all the money they had spent on promoting the movie, way before it started filming? Linds really messed up her second chance (or fifth, can't count them) at true movie stardom.

Dear True Story:
Yeah, L.L. has messed up one too many times. If the director and producers are smart they will be the ones to give her the boot. This girl has serious problems that aren't going to go away overnight, or even in the next few months. Shame, I really want Lindsay to come out on top but I'm slowly losing hope and quickly getting over the same old excuses.

Dear Ted:
I'd like to know why Nicole Kidman has so much power. For instance, right now both Adam Lambert and Russell Brand are in trouble for scuffles with photographers—but when it's Kidman she gets away with it? And why, in interviews, do journalists never call her out about her "totally natural" face ? I realize I'm very naive about these things, but what is everyone afraid of ?

Dear Dubious Question:
I disagree. I think very few people are afraid of Kidman. It's just that they don't care that much anymore.

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