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Rolling Ston

We had too much fun reading over your tweet-backs last week as part of our HBO Luxury Lounge and L'Oreal Paris Beauty Giveaway, which all the HBO stars, like the True Blood cast, enjoyed too.

All you had to do to was tweet us predictions for True Blood's season finale!

Here are our six randomly picked winners:

Ejm1059 @theawfultruth Sookie will finally break up with Bill, thank God #ExpensiveTaste

ilmsm02 @theawfultruth ASkars will survive bc Sooks will save him n chain up Russell Edge... #Beautified

rog457 @theawfultruth Jessica turns Hoyts mother into a vampire just to shut her up. #AccessoryQueen

thetripgeek @theawfultruth Tara learns she's pregnant with Franklin's vampire baby. Names it Sookayette.....Renesmee was already taken. #CozyMom

Kristisev1 @theawfultruth Queen Sophie Anne will be too late to try a Sookie Fae Blood Cocktail, 1st come, 1st served #FashionablyLate

Dirtydiana_94 @theawfultruth Maybe Sam will tell Tara he is a shapeshifter #LAGirl

Tweet us where you'd like your free swag, and enjoy! It'll give you something to hold you over until Alexander Skarsgård's invitation muscles next season, yeah? Or is it all about Joe Manganiello now?


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