Mad Men: Elisabeth Moss, Jon Hamm, Cara Buono


"You'll be married again within a year." —Dr. Faye Miller (Cara Buono) to Don Draper (Jon Hamm), Mad Men

Don Draper is getting married again. Maybe.

Was Dr. Faye right, and if so, who's destined to be the "lucky" lady? Here's what a key castmember revealed about Draper's matrimonial prospects:

When season four of Mad Men dawned earlier this year, flawless analyst Dr. Faye told Don Draper (and us audience members by extension) that even though his marriage to Betty was over, he wouldn't be living the bachelor life for long.

Faye's prognostication might just have been series creator Matt Weiner messing with us, or it might have been a fun bit of foreshadowing, and fans have been waiting with bated breath all season to find out the identity of the second Mrs. Don Draper, if she in fact exists.

Could it be socialite Bethany Van Nuys (Anna Camp)? What about nurse/neighbor Phoebe (Nora Zehetner)? Would the "lucky" lady be Dr. Faye herself, Joan Holloway Harris (Christina Hendricks), one of the foxy Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce secretaries, or would Don finally see Gal Friday Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss) as a real romantic prospect?

We just caught up with Elisabeth Moss during a publicity tour for the home-video release of her summer film Get Him to the Greek (costarring Jonah Hill and Russell Brand, available on DVD and Blu-ray Sept. 28!). Check out three clips of Elisabeth getting Greek below!

Mad Men, Jon  Hamm, Elisabeth Moss


We grilled her about a possible Olson-Draper hookup, and Peggy's future beyond the world of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

First off, even though all Mad Men castmembers are intimidated into total secrecy by their bosses, we did entice Olson into saying enough about the Olson-Draper relationship to make us believe those two are not a likely pairing, at least not anytime soon.

Moss says of the twosome, "I think [Don and Peggy] are very platonic. I think it's a brother/sister relationship. I certainly have been playing it like that, but I think that that's always been one of the things that's more interesting. If they had just had an affair the first season, where would that have left us? If she would have just been one of the 57 women that he slept with that year, so I would rather be the one woman who hasn't." (Good girl!)

So no wedding bells ringing at season's end for Peggy and Don? "Like I'm actually going to answer that question or any question about the season like that! I like my job and I'd like to keep my job, so of course I can't say what's going to happen, but I just love that we have a fanbase that looks at these things and listens to these things and speculates and tries to guess what's gonna happen. I think it's so much fun and for us, it's really flattering that people even care." (See what we mean about how they're all terrified to talk?!)

Still, we did entice Moss to do a little prognosticating of her own: What kind of future is in store for Ms. Olson? (Food for thought: Peggy would be about 71 if she were alive today.) Moss says she doesn't dwell on that too much. She says, "I would rather be surprised what happens to her. Sure, I could speculate, but to me, it's more interesting to not know. I think that the only thing that I would want for her is I want her to find happiness, both professionally and personally, but I suppose that that's what every woman and every man wants. For me, I'm not like, 'Oh, she needs to run a company,' or 'Oh, I want her to get married and have kids,' I just want her to find happiness, both professionally and personally and equally. I think that one of the most interesting things about her is she represents the question that women ask everyday, to this day, which is can you have it all? There's no difference between Peggy and a woman in 2010 in that sense."

Do you think Peggy will live the dream or will Matt Weiner mercilessly crush her future under his heel? Post your thoughts about Peggy's future in the comments, and then vote in our poll about potential Mrs. Drapers!

Second Mrs. Don Draper
Who will Don marry next?


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