John Lennon, Mark David Chapman, NYC PD/AFP/Getty Images

Sadly, John Lennon's slaying was a matter of convenience.

During his latest unsuccessful parole hearing last week, the former Beatle's deranged assassin, Mark David Chapman, admitted that he murdered Lennon because he was an easy target. But in a new revelation, he revealed that he also had a few other famous people in mind.

So just who else was in the killer's crosshairs?

"I had a list of people, and he was at the top of the list and he was the most accessible to me," the now-55-year-old Chapman told two parole commissioners in a video interview about his decision to target Lennon.

"I found out what building he was at and went to the wasn't as cloistered as some of the other people might have been and I chose him."

Per a transcript obtained by E! News from the New York State Division of Parole, Attica's most notorious prisoner said he considered going after Johnny Carson and Elizabeth Taylor.

While those two were the only ones Chapman could recall at last week's hearing, he had previously admitted in interviews to having thoughts about killing Lennon's Beatle cohort Paul McCartney, Oscar winner George C. Scott, Jacqueline Onassis and Ronald Reagan.

Asked by interrogators what made him want to kill the celebrities, Chapman chillingly replied: "They are famous. That was it...if it wasn't Lennon, it could have been someone else."

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