Five Sizzling Moments in Meat-Fashion History!

Lady Gaga owes debt to America's Next Top Model, the Beatles—and Lady Gaga

By Joal Ryan Sep 16, 2010 1:55 PMTags
Lady GagaSteve Granitz/

Days after Lady Gaga donned rib eye or whatnot at the Video Music Awards, we're still talking about the outfit.

Yes, meat does makes a statement—as these haute beef fashions prove:








1. America's Next Top Meat-Wearers: Well, when you schedule a photo shoot in Manhattan's Meatpacking District, these things tend to happen—these things being models standing in a meat locker, looking fierce in meat clothes. One contestant, Amy "Amis" Jenkins, summed up the 2008 stunt the best, telling Zap2It: "I think the photos turned out pretty awesome—creepy and disgusting, yet still alluring...It was gross."

2. Lady Gaga's Meat Bikini: If you believe less is more, especially when it comes to cholesterol, then you'll agree last week's teeny, tiny, polka-dotted blood-rare number for Japan'sVogue Hommes was the appetizer that showed up the main course.

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3. The Beatles Served Raw: When the Fab Four donned butcher coats and posed amid baby dolls 'n' beef for Yesterday and Today, the general public was aghast. (Note: The VMAs, much less Gaga, didn't exist in the mid-1960s, so people weren't used to such spectacle.) The album was quickly recalled; the cover shot hastily covered up. But meat lovers prevailed. Today, a copy of the original so-called "butcher cover" could run you thousands of dollars on eBay.

4. The Aqua Teen Hunger Force Tribute: Last year, Chicago designer/costumer Jia Crens got some attention—as she well should have—for a little salami-and-bacon number she cooked up for a birthday party themed to the food-populated Cartoon Network series. Much like Jenkins before her, Crens described her creation thusly: "This is the most awesome, disgusting thing I have ever made."

5. The Original? While an Irish punk band named the Undertones didn't beat the Beatles to the beef counter, it did beat Gaga (and a famous flank-steak sculpture) to the meat dress. The cover of the group's 1983 compilation album, All Wrapped Up, depicts a model all wrapped up in Sunday barbecue fodder. And the sausage necklace is a nice touch that not even Gaga dared touch.


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