Lady Gaga

Fame Pictures

Things we don't want Lady Gaga's upcoming fragrance line to smell like: Frogs. Fireworks. Lobster or meat of any kind.

But we imagine that Coty Inc., while utilizing the pop superstar's iconoclastic image to the fullest, will know just how much Gagaliciousness to stick in the bottle. reported Tuesday that Lady Gaga inked a deal with Coty last week, pre-MTV Video Music Awards domination and controversial beef couture. The first scent in the collection is due to hit us over the head with shock & awe shelves in spring 2012. (It takes a lot of time to atomize a concept.)

Stephen Mormoris, senior VP of global marketing for Coty Beauty, called The Fame singer "a fascinating cultural force" who's bound to make a splash in the fragrance market.


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