Jessica Szohr, Ed Westwick

"Well, my boyfriend is a good kisser!"

Gossip Girl newbie Katie Cassidy, craftily dodging our question when we asked if her onscreen love interest Chace Crawford is a fab kisser. Only thing is, it seems like his deelish hair would get in the way, no?

Katie, whom we totally heart by the way, will be causing some trouble on G.G. this season. "My character is definitely there to stir the pot and likes to cause some trouble," she told us at the QVC fashion show in NYC.

But is she the one stirring the pot when the cameras aren't rolling? Here's the goss straight from the Gossip Girl set...

Seems that Jessica Szhor, who's on-off with costar Ed Westwick "everyday" according to one of their pals, is back in the in circle...for now.

Remember, after she and Ed had one of their off moments made public, she wasn't exactly getting the invite to pal around with Chace, Blake Lively, Penn Badgley and the rest of the gang.

But Katie and Jess were buddy-buddy at the QVC show in New York and went out for drinks afterward.

However, spys in NYC also tell us sexy Ed has been out with the boys and looking "pretty single"!

Ed and Jess (along with everyone else) were spotted at the Tommy Hilfiger show together, but he ended the night partying at The Strokes' afterparty, sans Jess, later in the evening.

However we're told he was tipsy-looking but well-behaved with the boys.

Jeez, first Miley and Liam acting like a normal couple and now Jess and Ed? What are Hollywood relationships coming to!

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