Lady Gaga, David Caruso

Steve Granitz/; Dan Littlejohn/CBS

How would a meat dress hold up in South Beach?

Perhaps we'll find out if Lady Gaga ever makes it over to CSI: Miami...

"The rumor's been that Lady Gaga wants to do the show really bad," CSI star Eva La Rue told us at the recent Stand Up to Cancer telethon. "I don't know if we're going to get her or not, but it would be awesome!"

Don't count on the singer breaking out into song while guest starring though.

"She doesn't want to play herself from what I understand," La Rue said. "She wants to be a character."

Fellow CSI: Miami star Emily Procter also recently admitted to us that although the show aired a Jersey Shore-themed episode back in April, she's still hoping for the real-life Situation to make an appearance.

"He's so sweet and thoughtful and really works hard to do the right thing," Procter said. "It makes me happy for him."

Guess he's got her vote on Dancing With the Stars.

Should Gaga do CSI? How about The Situation? Sound off in the comments.


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