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Eminem is back. Kanye West is back. And, well, Jay-Z and Beyoncé have never really left.

That's just four of the legends who took the stage at Yankee Stadium last night for Jay-Z and Eminem's Home and Home tour.

Taylor Swift may or may not have forgiven ‘Ye, but it's safe to say 60,000 people have. And you'll never guess the proper babes "getting down" at this insane concert.

The crowd went wild when Jay asked "wait, where you out boy?" and Kanye, decked in a bright red suit and gold chain, came out for Run This Town. We're told from concert sources they were only planning to do a few songs together but the crowd was "so hyped" West stayed on longer.

The two rocked out together to "Power," "Can't Tell Me Nothin'" and "Good Life." 

Eminem performed ahead of Jay-Z since, well, Hova is basically the unofficial mayor of NYC, but a concertgoer tells us one the biggest crowd-pleasers of the night was when Eminem came back on stage during Jay's set to perform "Renegade."

"Just because some of you question religion doesn't mean you don't believe in God," Jay said. "Don't let anybody scare you into having their beliefs. Be a muthafu--ing renegade."

Then boom. Eminem. The crowd went bonkers watching the two perform together. And the star-duo ditties didn't stop there.

Kanye West

Kevin Mazur/Wireimage

Gwyneth Paltrow's hubby, Chris Martin, came out to sing "Heart of the City" with Jay as well as his Coldplay jam "Viva La Vida," while Gwynie beamed watching them perform.

"It was adorable, Gwyneth was dancing and singing along. Who knew she was a Jay-Z fan too? She was getting down," says a source.

Naomi Campbell and Charlize Theron were also spotted dancing, "arms all over the place" and throwing up the Hova sign throughout the show.

Drake also hit the stage and gave Lil Wayne a shout out. "Weezy, if you can hear me across the river in Rikers..."

Rikers would be jail. Don't think Weezy could hear from his cushy cell, but we're sure he appreciated the holler!

Nicki Manaj also hit the stage with Jay-Z while Eminem brought out Dr. Dre and 50 Cent earlier in the night. However it was Beyoncé who arguably made the crowd scream loudest with her Coachella type appearance joining her hubby on stage to sing "Young Forever."

"After their song Beyoncé threw up the diamond, went over and kissed Jay-Z. then danced off stage. It was adorable," says our source who was in awe of the married legends.

For those who don't speak hip-hop, throwing up the diamond doesn't refer to the rock on her finger. The diamond hand-sign is the Hova symbol (with Hova being one of Jay's nicknames).

Jay-Z and Eminem have another show tonight so it's safe to say the crowd will be coming in with high expectations. Here's hoping Rihanna makes an impromptu appearance!

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