Sorry, Tim, New York Still Gunn-Shy of Anna Wintour

Designers and models are siding with the Vogue mogul

By Ted Casablanca, Taryn Ryder Sep 14, 2010 3:08 PMTags
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Rule No. 1: It's still not a good idea to screw with Anna Wintour.

Tim Gunn goes after "diva" Anna and "monkey-house" Vogue in his new book Gunn's Golden Rules, which means it's time for the fashion world to take sides.

And guess what? So far, Tim's losing…

"Sure, people are whispering about how much longer Anna really will be editor-in-chief of Vogue, but, she still is the most influential person in the fashion world," says a scared top model who's tight with Anna, and who wants to stay that way.

The rarefied VIP beauty adds: "Tim is not powerful enough to go up against her. That was a really dumb way to get his five minutes of press for his book. He will definitely be weaned off lots of party lists."

We also spoke with genius designer Zac Posen after his colorful and fab Z Spoke show earlier this week and he laid it out like this:

"Listen, Anna is a great collaborator to me. We've built our business with great inspiration from her as a business leader and how she manages her staff," Posen piped at the Bertolli Restaurante After Party with Zac Posen in Lincoln Center.

"We've had disagreements on creative looks of our show in the past, and it's always about a real development as an artist and editor. I couldn't wish for more from her of what I dream when I collect my Vogue's."

"It really makes it exciting to live in America and be a designer. She's made it possible for me, we've persevered and we've gotten through the hard times."

Look, did anyone really doubt Anna was a diva? Hello, Devil Wears Prada? We're just not all that shocked by Gunn's storytelling.

Here's hoping Tim makes it work with his book, ‘cause perhaps the fashion blackballing is about to begin—as long as Anna is around anyways.

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