Did Nic Cage Emotionally Abuse Baby Mama?

Judge sets July 2011 trial date to determine whether Oscar winner screwed over mother of his 19-year-old son

By Natalie Finn, Josh Grossberg Sep 13, 2010 8:15 PMTags
Nicholas CagePaul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland

Nicolas Cage is an Oscar winner. And a money loser. But is he a woman abuser?

We could find out soon enough, thanks to a turn of events today in the case pitting him against the mother of his 19-year-old son, who accuses Cage of throwing her out of her home and mentally and emotionally abusing her.

Unless Cage can resolve his issues with baby mama Christina Fulton by Jan. 15, he'll be staring at a trial set to begin July 11, 2011.

In her $13 million lawsuit filed last December, Fulton claims she put her acting career on hold to take care of their son, Weston.

According to the complaint, the Oscar winner turned most of the parenting duties over to her, opting not to exercise his joint legal and physical custody rights to the fullest, and then, when Weston turned 18 in 2008, Cage "removed" the young man from Fulton's home (which Cage purportedly bought for her). Months later, per the lawsuit, he sent her an eviction notice.

Fulton's claims also include that Cage physically, mentally and emotionally abused her (she has not yet gone into detail on those counts) and that she owes more than $1 million in back taxes because of an error made by Cage's litigious ex-manager, Sam Levin, whom she's also suing.

Cage recently settled his own multmillion-dollar lawsuit against Levin, avoiding a potentially embarassing trial.

Now the judge overseeing the Fulton suit hopes for a similar outcome.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Teresa Sanchez-Gordon today urged the two sides to come to an agreement via mediation, but right now that's not looking good.

"We don't feel there's any liability on the part of Mr. Cage," said the actor's lawyer, Thomas Dunlap, who also told the judge he will soon file a motion to dismiss part or all of Fulton's case.

Don't think Fulton is going to agree with the Top 9 Reasons Nic Cage is awesome.