Lori Michaels, Danielle Staub

Steve Mack/Getty Images

Danielle Staub has left the building.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star tells me she's moved out of the house and town where she and her daughters lived while filming the Garden State reality show...

"I'm in New Jersey right on the water but I live probably about 40 minutes away from them," she said, referring to her Housewives enemies costars. "It was two days after the reunion. I got up and I left.

"My view is of Manhattan," she added. "I go to sleep and wake up to Manhattan every day."

And while she doesn't exactly say it, it sounds like she may be waking up to Lesbian Superstar Lori Michaels every day, too. "We're together every day, all day," Staub said. "Her whole family is now an extension of my whole family. Her family is with my kids right now...So we're close."

Staub declines to call Michaels her girlfriend, but smiled, "Even Helen Keller can see from our pictures what we are."

Could a wedding be in their future? "I don't know if I want to get remarried right now, but eventually," she said. (FYI: Gay marriage isn't legal in N.J., but the state does recognize same-sex civil unions.)

The two met a couple of years ago during a gay pride event. The rest of their story, Staub hopes, will be told in a new reality show she is currently pitching to networks.

Nothin' says love like a reality show.

I've got more Danielle for ya. Make sure to keep coming back here for all the Jersey scoop.

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