Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson

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We're still baffled that there is a debate as to whether Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are more than costars, but we gave you fans the opportunity to duke it out, anyways on Facebook.

Any guesses as to whether Team Robsten or Team Nonsten is winning?

Team Robsten has over 2,900 "likes," whereas Team Nonsten is in the measly 300s. Hooray!

In those treacherous comment boards (cross our bitchy hearts IT is working on it) during Rob's bromantic road trip people still were trying to justify that Pattinson is just around New Orleans because Breaking Dawn will be shooting there.

Um sorry, that's not happening for months!

Anyway, the Facebook pages are where you can battle in a semi cival matter. Just one click of the button will express your opinion rather than: "Ted you f--king s--t starter screw you Robsten losers haters Rob is secretly sleeping with my friend's friend's ex girlfriend's friend you idiots who think he's with Kristen Stewart!"

So, keep on clicking your love folks! And speaking of, good stuff coming soon on Robsten, promise.

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