W magazine cover, Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams

Inez and Vinoodh/W Magazine

Of course, you've seen the ridic sexy pics of Ryan Gosling and his Blue Valentine costar, Michelle Williams, in the new W Magazine. Who with any appreciation of celeb lustiness hasn't?

But, the point is, in case you're wondering if Michelle and Ryan succumbed to the so-standard total air-brushing thing that all those stars who sit for Vogue, Vanity Fair and the like choose to hide behind, well, we have the answer...

No friggin' way!

Can't really speak for Michelle (who's made no secret of her distaste for the fake Hollywood life), but, Ryan, uh, we can vouch for: That man works out right next to us like a damn muscle demon—his trainer tortures him. Ryan just keeps on laughin' through it all, practically saying, gimme more!

And he's not just training for his new role as a stuntman in Drive, trust, this is a way of life for the Canadian-born hunk. While Ry pumps, punches, pushes and primps at his Hollywood gym, two things always happen: His sinewy, impressive frame glistens and always bulges through his loose sweats (no Spandex for this real man) and, the chicks swarm to him like flies to fresh doggie poop.

But there's nothin' stinky about Ryan's reaction: Dude's totally cool and always thanks the babes for coming over.

Hmmm. Think he's used to that, and, maybe (sorry gals, Rachel included!) not exactly averse to it.

W magazine, Ryan Gosling

Inez and Vinoodh/W Magazine


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