Recognize the Reveler

We know it's Fashion Week in NYC and all, but are huge holes in style this season?

This actress was strutting around the city streets wearing torn jeans that showed plenty of butt. And supposedly, she was participating in a photoshoot while wearing these things.

Think you know who's getting cheeky? Find out after the jump...

Chloe Sevigny

It's Chloe Sevigny, hipster extraordinare and Big Love actress.

The torn denim getup was reportedly for some of kind of shoot in the East Village.

This isn't the first time she's been overexposed via a ripped wardrobe.

At this year's Golden Globes, Chloë's dress tore on stage as she was accepting her award when her assistant stepped on it.

Hopefully, her clothes will stay in place and one piece while she hits the shows and soirees on the Fashion Week circuit!


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