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Hey, Leave Britney Alone Guy, where are you when she really needs you?

A former bodyguard of Britney Spears has filed a lawsuit against the pop star, alleging he was sexually harassed by the "Toxic" singer and accuses her of questionable mothering skills.

Among other allegations, Fernando Flores contends that Britney regularly exposed her genitals to him (in fairness, she was kind of doing that to everyone at the time), had sex in a hotel suite where she was staying with her children (the nerve!) and made her sons eat until they vomited.

Flores, who has clearly never heard of a confidentiality agreement—or, you know, leaving a job with dignity—filed the lawsuit this afternoon, but only after giving multiple outlets (including E! News) a sneak preview of his claims to better hype his allegations.

Among what the former security man claims were numerous sexual advances (and bear in mind, this timeframe immediately preceded the court determining she was mentally unstable), he alleges that Britney donned a transparent white dress and bent over in front of him, thereby further exposing her nether regions.

His reaction? "Shocked and disgusted," he claims.

Per the suit, Spears also told Flores, "You know you liked it," when she was naked around him and regularly allowed herself to get caught while in the act.

As for the hotel suite incident, Flores says that he overheard what he claims were "loud" sexual relations between Britney and an unknown man while doing a perimeter check of her rooms. Her sons were also staying in the suite, but it's unclear if they were present at the time, in a different room or ever exposed to the alleged romp.

On the flip side, Flores' suit also states that Britney engaged in F-word-laden "violent quarrels" with her boyfriend in front of the kids.

But those aren't the only parental missteps Flores is alleging.

He also claims that Britney once demanded his belt in order to punish (by beating) her children. He says he witnessed her "savagely hit" Sean Preston (whom he referred to simply as "Preston" in the filing) twice in such a manner.

He says he was "shocked, horrified and deeply disturbed by the incident."

In another bizarre incident, he also claims that Britney fed her sons crabmeat, despite her knowledge of their severe seafood allergies. Both boys ate the food, then began vomiting, but Spears allegedly prohibited any of the help from contacting a doctor or other medical assistance, telling her staffers to "Mind your own f--king business!"

(Then again, we recall Britney's well-documented actions taken back in 2008, when she immediately rushed Jayden James to an emergency room after he suffered an allergic reaction to something he ingested.)

Flores is seeking unspecified damages from Spears and the company he was working for, Advanced Security Concepts, for sexual harassment and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Spears' attorney tells E! News: "We don't comment on ongoing litigation."

But Flores' allegations aren't exactly news to her lawyers. He previously contacted the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, which investigated his and other claims, and ultimately concluded they had no merit.

Ball's in your court, um, courts.

—Additional reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

(Originally published Sept. 8, 2010, at 3:50 p.m. PT)

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