He's down, but not for the count.

Hulk Hogan was hospitalized in Clearwater, Fla., Monday after the wrestling legend woke up to his back "totally spazzing out."

While publicist Darren Prince confirmed to E! News that Hogan has been "having terrible back spasms," the official word was hardly needed as Hulk himself has been regularly videoblogging since his admittance to the Mortan Plant emergency room.

Hulk described his injury as a "major spasm from the hip all the way up to the middle" of his back.

And while he underwent back surgery in June to treat an old wrestling injury, the 57-year-old entertainer says that his current condition is unrelated to his operation.

"It's not related to the surgery, it's all muscle spasms, so hopefully they can give me something to calm this down," he said in the first of his video posts.

In another clip posted this morning, he said doctors are "gonna do a bunch of tests today, MRI stuff. Whole bunch of other crazy things."

And while Hogan told fans he's eager to get back to being his Hulky self, his publicist seems to think it may be a blessing in disguise.

"Even the Hulkster needs a break," he said.

Preferably one with refreshments.

"Sure wish I had a Miller Lite," he said in another video. "I'm not allowed to have one in here."

Yet another reason to wish for a speedy recovery.

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