Keira Knightley

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A month ago, the tabloids all but had Keira Knightley packed up and moved to France. Now it's the tax man's turn, but he has a destination slightly closer to our hearts—literally—for the quintessential Brit: the United States.

According to the Telegraph, the 25-year-old filed new tax documents for her company, Ponder Rights, changing her principal country of residence from England to the U.S.

The filing has already sparked speculation that it's not the bright lights and elevated profile a Los Angeles or New York lifestyle gives—particularly not when you're as private and paparazzi-averse an actress as Knightley—but rather the tax relief such a change in location can afford.

In other words, Uncle Sam's got nothing on Uncle Nigel.

Her rep has yet to comment on the move, but as Keira will soon begin a promotional blitz for Never Let Me Go, it's only a matter of time before she gets asked about it…over and over and over again.

But hey, what with Katy Perry announcing that her first post-marital order of business will be to apply for dual citizenship, maybe it's a fair trade?

Still, whatever Knightley's reason for changing locales, fans at least can rejoice that there will no doubt be a surge of paparazzi shots of the U.S.-bound actress. That new haircut of hers couldn't hide forever, anyway.

Keira looks good on either side of the Atlantic. Check out her Fashion Spotlight gallery!

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