If there was any doubt that Jesse James and tattoo reality television star Kat Von D were more than just friends, the two finally confirmed their romance last night in West Hollywood.

James was on the red carpet with Von D at the opening of her new Wonderland Gallery…

Asked by reporters if they were dating, Von D said, "Yes, we're together—duh!"

Von D described the relationship as "something spontaneous. It really wasn't planned."

And yes, Von D said she has met James' kids.

The newly-minted lovebirds arrived to the gallery at about 9:30 p.m. holding hands. They embraced for some photos before James stepped to the side so his girlfriend could pose solo.

Sandra Bullock's ex-husband (their divorce was finalized in June) was tight-lipped except when asked if Von D inspired him professionally." Yes," he said.

Once inside the party, they embraced again and shared a couple of quick kisses. Cameras were rolling when Van D introduced her dad to James for the first time. When asked by People magazine if James was "The one" for her, Von D gushed, "I believe he is, so yeah."

She also said James was only her ninth boyfriend and insisted she doesn't "hang out with anybody unless I'm in love."

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