[Warning: Contains some NSFW language]

Let's just say Axl Rose isn't too welcome in this jungle.

Twenty minutes into their concert in Dublin last night, Guns N' Roses cut short their set after fans—and we use that term extremely loosely—refused to stop throwing plastic bottles (not to mention all manner of invectives) at the band.

"Stop," Axl told his bandmates midsong before going on to address the rowdy crowd.

"All right, here's the deal. One more bottle, we go home. It's up to you. We would like to stay. You want us to stay? We want to stay. We want to have some fun. You want to have fun? If you don't want to have fun, all you gotta do is let us know, and we got no problem, we'll go on our way."

Apparently, the audience did not want to have fun. And let the group know by booing and, yes, throw yet more bottles with unknown liquids (any guesses? We're thinking the bathroom lines were short that evening) at the stage.

"Have a good evening," Axl said, leading the band offstage.

A venue worker who undoubtedly fell victim to the short straw then came onstage with the unenviable task of having to blame "technical difficulties" on the disruption.

As in technically, Axl's a douche?

"We're trying hard to get Axl to come back onstage," another worker announced a little later. "I would ask you please to refrain from throwing items at him. If you bear with us for five minutes…thank you for your patience, it's appreciated."

Well, five turned into nearly 60, but the group eventually—and contractually—returned to the stage. The promoter forced the volatile band to finish out its set, albeit to a much more scaled back (OK, nearly empty) venue.

Rose & Co. ultimately wrapped their set around 1 a.m. for the loyal few who remained and refrained from launching projectiles.

While Axl has yet to comment on the incident, the promoters and O2 venue joined together to defend their booking:

"No artist should be subjected to missiles and unknown substances being thrown at them," they said.

Incidentally, this isn't the first bit of concert trouble Guns N' Roses has endured this week. The band's sets were cut short at Britain's Leeds and Reading music festivals after the band started late and were not allowed to extend the cities' performance curfews to complete their entire set.

Axl responded to those incidents with a lengthy Twitter rant on Tuesday, calling the festivals a "cash grab" that had "no respect for the fans or the band."

Maybe he picked up a few pointers?

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