Celine Dion

Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images

The good news: Céline Dion and her on-the-way twins are all right.

The disappointing news: you wouldn't necessarily think so if you read the latest round of unfounded and malicious online rumors.

Reports in both the U.S. and European press sprung up last night claiming that the expectant Dion was hospitalized and forced to undergo emergency surgery last week after a pregnancy-jeopardizing health scare. But don't believe it.

Dion's rep told E! News that the reports are "fabricated" and "100 percent not true."

"She's happy and healthy and never had a procedure."

So what about those reports? The story went, the Canadian chanteuse, who has been quite public about her struggle to both become and maintain her pregnancy, was rushed to an unnamed hospital in Miami last Saturday.

Dion, currently six months along, supposedly underwent a procedure known as cervical cerclage, in which doctors either tighten or completely close the cervix in order to prevent its premature dilating and thus an early delivery.

Terrifying at the best of times. Disturbingly traumatizing and inaccurate at the worst. This time it's the latter.

Dion remains on pace to deliver her bundles of joy later this year.

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