Katy Perry, Fantasia Barrino

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan; ABC/Ida Mae Astute

In one corner: The Jesus-loving, fruit-obsesse Katy Perry singing sweet tunes about teenage love and kissing gals. In the other corner: The American Idol-winning, big-voiced Fantasia, who made the wrong kind of headlines in recent weeks.

So which of the dueling divas came out on top?

Katy takes the cake on this one, with her Teenage Dream debuting in the No. 1 spot on Billboard's Top 200 chart, with 192,000 albums sold.

Fantasia came in second, with her album Back to Me notching sales of 117,000.

The two had both done everything in their power to promote their albums, with Katy donning a rubber bikini for a photo shoot, posing half nude for the album's cover, doing the talk show circuit and prancing around in skin tight dresses and purple wigs all over the country. Fantasia was back at it shortly after a suicide attempt that shocked her fans.

Here's to both gals for a close competition. 

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