Conan O'Brien's new show finally has a name.

In a video released today on YouTube, the flame-haired comic announced that his forthcoming late night chatfest on TBS will be called...Conaw

Well, it's actually Conan, that is until he goofed on the second 'n.'  We'll leave it up to O'Brien to explain:

"I'm just using 'Conan' and dropping the 'O'Brien' because I want to get away from the whole Irish thing."

O'Brien did have a few other names for the new gig up his sleeve.

"I was going to announce the name of my new show today, but my lawyers tell me The Return of Nanny McPhee is taken," he joked on Twitter yesterday.

Conan premieres Nov. 8 on TBS at 11 p.m.. and comes eight months after CoCo quit The Tonight Show rather than make room for the late-night return of Jay Leno. Four months and a $45 million severance package later, TBS made him an offer he couldn't refuse: basic cable.

His new show will now go head-to-head with Leno, The Late Show With David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel Live! TBS, meanwhile, has pushed back its other marquee late-nighter, The George Lopez Show, to midnight.

Now the network is just hoping viewers are loco for CoCo.

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