Which TV Couple

Oh, happy day!

One of TV's fan-favorite couples is getting hitched in just a few short weeks, and right now, at long last, I can reveal the bride and groom.

They are:

Sandra Oh, Kevin McKidd, Grey's Anatomy

Eric McCandless/ABC

Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) of ABC's Grey's Anatomy!

Yep, they are the couple who will be getting engaged—and hitched—in the Sept. 23 season premiere, which will jump ahead two months in the storyline.

It's gonna be fantastic—and romantic!—but, mind you, not everything has been flowers and sunshine for "Crowen" since we last saw them.

One source tells me that Cristina will be one of three doctors held back from returning to surgery (buzz kill!) by the new therapist at Seattle Grace (James Tupper), because Ms. Yang is still coping with some post-traumatic stress from the shootout in last May's season finale, and because she's been too preoccupied with all that wedding planning. Take note, kids: Bride brain + scalpels = don't mix.

You know what this means, right? The love triangle with Teddy (Kim Raver) is so officially dead and buried, and cremated, and thrown out to sea. In fact, Teddy will be cozying up to James Tupper's character in the new season. Hot!

As for you fans who were rooting for a Sarah and Chuck wedding (they were the other remaining couple in our marriage guessing game), all I can say is, you can certainly consider this good news, because it means neither NBC nor show runners Chris Fedak or Josh Schwartz are planning on ending the series anytime soon. (Anyone else agree that would probably be the signal of the end?) Plus, I'm still hearing that Sarah and Chuck will be going strong—whether or not she becomes a Bartowski.

Now you can post all your "I knew it!"s and well wishes for the bride and groom in the comments section down below. Are you happy it's Cristina and Owen?

Also, please note: This is totally a sole exclusive scoop that you cannot read anywhere else on the web at this time. No, really! Don't even bother checking the competitors' sites! It's not like we had a pact or anything...That would be insane.

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